Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Changing weather

The promise of winter is in the air.
I feel the wintry air as i go to feed the animals in the morning.
The days are shorter.
The horse and goats are getting there long winter coats.
The evening sunsets are so beautiful, and chilly winds are coming more often.
In the evening as I feed the animals, the chill makes the horse and goats frisky.
Yes winter is coming only a few more months.
P.S You can only feel Autumn in the mornings and evenings.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Daniels B-day

Happy birthday brother.
I hope you have a fantastic year.
You are such a caring, loving boy.


Charlotte is convinced that daddy needs to sit down, and answers a series of questions.
She is so cute! and is getting to be a big girl.

James is so BIG!!!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Star My Horse

My horse Star is one of a kind.
We have done puppy rescues,
 we outran two German shepherds who were trying to attack us.
 she is my dream come true.
And I love her

Thursday, August 1, 2013


I found three little puppies in a desert wash were I ride my horse. The poor things were so weak they couldn't even lift there heads.
So I took them home, and we gave one to the Valverdes and two found a home with us.
Two girls one boy.
Welcome to the family pups.

P.S They love mud
P.P.S Will post pictures of my horse soon.

                                          Crusoe the little boy:
                                          Our little Mapel:
                                         Valverdes Molly:

Baby James Edmonds Number Eight!!!

Around three in the morning Dad came and woke me up and told me that he was taking Mom to the hospital.
I went back to sleep for a few hours and woke up around five, when I got a text that, Mom was going to have the baby today, and the Valverdes were going to pick us up between six and seven, and we had to be ready. So I woke the other kids up and went out to do the animal chores when I got a call from Dad that the Valverdes were not going to pick us up.

We were almost done with the animals when I got another call from Dad that the Dales were going to pick us up. Mom was in pain from the kidney stones and the doctor was trying to get her labor going.
While I was making breakfast (cinnamon rolls (: yumm ) I got a text from dad that the Dales were Just going to watch us here.
When they got here, we went for walk and had a nice time.
Still no changes with mom after 1:00 PM.
At 3:30 Dad called and said James is going to be here soon.
And at four He arrived.

Mom still had to stay the night so Grandma took us to her house to spend the night, and we spent most of the day at her house. At three she took us home and that's were I met my Seventh sibling. My perfect little baby brother.

Baby James was born at  4:00 PM on Sunday July 21st.
Perfect and healthy he weighs 6 pounds 11 oz
We are so blessed with this little man in our house.

He is Perfect!!!!!